Cables & Accessories

Complete coverage of battery cables for all makes and models. All of our cables are show quality cables. Our cables include: Braided, Coated, Right Angle, Straight, Extra Wire, Round Clamp, and Rectangle Clamp.

Right Battery Cables

6/12 Battery:
Wherever a 6 volt battery is now used, you can convert the starting power to 12 volts. Overcomes hard starting problems. Requires no change in electrical system. Complete installation instructions included. Gives 12 volt starting power to older engineered 6 volt starting and charging circuits without rewiring. We have this battery in a group 24(10.25x6.75x9), group 27(12x6.75x9), and group 3E(19x4.5x9) case. Maintenance Free

6-12 volt battery

12/6 Battery:
Convert your 6 volt car to a 12 volt and tap off 6 volts for your accessories.  Available in all group sizes. You must have a 12 volt charging system. Maintenance Free

12-6 volt battery

8 Volt Battery:
Replace your 6 volt battery with the 8 volt battery for greater starting power. Your voltage output will need to be adjusted to (8.9-9.4). For those of you with rare and expensive replacement bubls or radio, you should use a resistor. We have the resistors too.

8 volt battery

Optima Batteries
850 CCA/6 volt 10x3.5x8
800 CCA /12 volt top post 10x6.75x8
800 CCA/12 volt comb 10x6.75x8

72 month warranty

Optima Batteries

Battery Master Switch:
Disconnects all electrical circuits with a simple turn of the knob. Attaches to a battery in minutes. Heavy duty. Suitable for 6,8,12 volt batteries.


Battery Master Switch

Side Post Switch:
A simple turn of the knob will disconnect all electrical circuits. Attach to your battery just like you would a battery cable. Suitable for 6,8,12 volt batteries.

Side Post Switch